Dick’s Coffee – 12oz. bag

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12oz bags shipped directly to your house for free (US only). $22/bag if you subscribe for 12 or more. Order by Tuesday, ships on Friday.

Big Big Beans

These coffee beans are fresh roasted and probably the biggest beans in the world. Easily the biggest beans you have ever seen, and they come to you whole, not grounded. You likely have very tiny beans in your current coffee maker, if you have any at all. Chicks notice that. Don’t get caught with having tiny, measly beans in your home. Get the biggest beans in the world.

Cruelty Infused

This coffee is picked by people who are not allowed to wear shoes, and roasted by hand in the middle of the day, in the desert, when the sun as at its hottest. It improves the flavor.

No Hate

Don’t buy coffee from a company who hates you. Starbucks, Intelligentsia, Black Rifle Coffee; they hate you. They hate your politics, they hate your kids, they hate your stupid haircut. Buy this coffee. Your haircut looks fantastic.

Wingman’s Choice
Rotating Variety of the origins below. Collect them all.

Baseball Glove
Peach / Cocoa / Balanced

Freshly Churned Dirt
Apple / Nut / Herbal

Pipe Smoke
Berry / Citrus / Sweet

Canvas Tents
Molasses / Tobacco / Floral

Costa Rica
Bay Rum
Citrus / Honey / Bright

Splitting Firewood
Stone Fruit / Graham Cracker / Smooth

Terms of Service Blend
We call this blend ToS because it is constantly changing based on the whims of our talented master roaster. Submit. Enjoy.